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Hydro-alcohol cleaning agent

7 good reasons for using SYNACTIF

  1. Sulphur, potassium and phosphate free. Doesn’t contain petroleum hydrocarbons.
  2. Excellent surface scaling with a strong dirt-penetrating capacity.
  3. Inactive on metal, plastic, aluminium, glass.
  4. Has an exceptional anti-deposit effect.
  5. Bacteriostatic, stops the proliferation of micro-organisms.
  6. After cleaning, premises are healthier. Stops the development of unpleasant smells.
  7. Non-inflammable.



Cleans offices, meeting rooms, sports facilities, shops, shopping centres, show rooms, stadium terraces and steps, patios.

Brightens up, cleans of road signs and billboards, bus shelters, call boxes, railway stations, bus stations, airports, glass walls.

Degreases imitation leathers, dashboards, bumpers, protection strips.

Removal before delivery of acrylic resins protection on products.