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Degreaser soluble in water

7 good reasons for using SYNER 150

  1. Deep cleaning of floors, emulsifies the strongest greases and oils.
  2. For cleaning all industrial equipment with varied and stubborn marks (mineral greases, vegetal, soil ….).
  3. Soluble in water, economical: can be diluted from 2 to 20% according to the surfaces.
  4. Renews plastic surfaces such as: benches, chairs, tables, window frames, doors.
  5. Without damaging usual materials (Stone floors, plastics, painted surfaces).
  6. Used in a 5 points HACCP process for degreasing.
  7. Complies with legislation on cleaning products for equipment which may come into contact with foodstuffs (Decree dated 08/09/1999 and its amendments). Mandatory rinsing.



Industry: degreases industrial equipment, machine frames. Cleans walls and grounds, concrete, spare parts and precision instruments. Degreases metals before stripping. Cleans all internal and external equipment and is used to remove mud from cooling circuits and lubrication circuits on towers, rolling mills, planning machine. Is adapted to the cleaning of machine tools during the change of cooler.

Construction: Degreasing floors before painting. Wallpaper removal. For cleaning boilers and heating elements.

Automotive: Degreases tank parts, vapour pipes, tanks, the oil tanks of refineries.

Foodstuff Industries: Bakeries, canning factory, breeding; removes fats and deposits on manufacturing, packing or bottling machines. Clean hoods, filtering and ventilation systems.

Towns: multi-purpose degreasing, cleans engines, pumps, street safety markers, concrete floors and hydraulic or purification stations equipment. Ideal for cleaning heads of parkingmeters. Removes posters.

Printing works: Eliminates grease and ink on all metallic surfaces of printing presses.


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