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Degreaser soluble in water

7 good reasons for using SYNER 150

  1. Deep cleaning of floors, emulsifies the strongest greases and oils.
  2. For cleaning all industrial equipment with varied and stubborn marks (mineral greases, vegetal, soil ….).
  3. Soluble in water, economical: can be diluted from 2 to 20% according to the surfaces.
  4. Renews plastic surfaces such as: benches, chairs, tables, window frames, doors.
  5. Without damaging usual materials (Stone floors, plastics, painted surfaces). Contains corrosion inhibitors.
  6. Used in a 5 points HACCP process for degreasing.
  7. Complies with the decree of 19th December 2013 modifying the decree of 8th September 8th 1999, modifications which concerned processes and cleaning products for materials and objects in contact with foodstuffs, products and drinks for the human and animal food.