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Safety universal cleaner for steam-cleaning machines and hot-water cleaning machines

7 good reasons for using SYNERAL

  1. Powerful degreasing.
  2. Dissolves and penetrates all kind of greases, animal or vegetal.
  3. Emulsifies oils immediately.
  4. May be used by dipping or by spraying.
  5. Instantly mixes with water and remains stable.
  6. Protects pumps and coils against boiler scale.
  7. No deposits in tanks and circuits.



Cleaning of industrial equipment, tool-machines.

Degreasing for painted floors, tiled-floors, cement floors...,

Brightening of walls and frontages in glass, earthenware, glass, plastic and metal boardings as well as the aluminium doorframes....

Cleans exterior and interior of buses, cars and lorries as well as nylon or fabric covers.

Cleaning of painted surfaces.

Chimney-sweeping for fuel boiler pipes.

Unglues posters.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For removing wallpaper or posters, For degreasing trolleys, For cleaning and degreasing, For cleaning radiator coils, For chimery/pipe sweeping and cleaning of boilers