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Multi-purpose alkaline degreaser

7 good reasons for using SYNERMAT 100

  1. Multi-purpose, heavy duty degreasing cleaner. Can be used in all sectors and is recommended for tough cleaning of heavy equipment.
  2. Specially developed for the elimination of tough, deeply encrusted stains and for equipment covered in synthetic and mineral oils ; cooked oils, tannins, plant-based deposits and residues, organic tartar, ….
  3. High performance liquid detergent recommended for use in high pressure washers and with hot water washers.
  4. Powerful liquid formulation which can be used as a degreasing agent and for preparing surfaces before painting.
  5. Economical, used from 0.5 to 2 % with high pressure washers.
  6. Formulated without phosphates and with active biodegradable agents.
  7. Complies with the legislation on cleaning products for equipment that may come into contact with foodstuffs (Decree of 08/09/1999 and its amendments). 



Ideal for cleaning construction machinery, agricultural machinery (grape-harvesting machines, sulphate sprayers, self-propelled sprayers, tractors), tankers, trailers, public and private transport, shipyards, public works and buildings, agri-food industries (processing laboratories, abattoirs,…), industrial catering, ….

For use in water treatment plants for the destruction of polymers “flocculants”.



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Action : For cleaning vehicles and skips, For cleaning vehicles and equipment

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