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Vegetable-based cutting oil for machining

7 good reasons to use USILUB VG

  1. USILUB VG is a biodegradable (> 90 % (CEL-L-33-A-94) blend of synthetic and natural oils combined with a vegetable-based ester oil solvent (over 95 % according to the OCDE 301 F test). It is reinforced with high pressure and anti-wear additives.
  2. Its high flash-point leads to a reduction in friction-based phenomena and the elimination of problems created by temperature increases in tools or machined parts.
  3. Its low viscosity and the absence of sticking phenomena ensures a good chip flow.
  4. Lubrication is optimal on the cutting edge of the tool.
  5. Pratical: the aerosol ensures precise application.
  6. V.O.C. free.
  7. Security: CO2 propellant Gas .



USILUB VG is a technologically advanced, biodegradable fluid formulated from a complex mix of additives which ensure that the lubricating film is resistant and that it has a very high anti-welding capacity.

Facilitates all difficult machining operations (tapping, piercing and threading).

Suitable for machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals, carbon steels, alloy and stainless steels, but also for copper alloys, aluminium and its alloys.



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Action : For machining metals

Vegetable-based, environmentally friendly

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