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Plant-based degreasing fluid

7 good reasons for using VG KLEAN

  1. Offers an alternative to numerous solvents usually used for degreasing, unclogging surfaces contaminated by hydrocarbons, petroleum products, grease…
  2. Innovative fluid made with plant extracts.

3 VG KLEAN supports sustainable development by associating the following two principles: high biodegradability – V.O.C. free.  Made from renewable raw materials - without any environmentally harmful components.

  1. Its high solvation capacity renders it an efficient agent on most hydrocarbons, greasy substances and carbon compounds.
  2. No risk label required – No Ecotoxic – pH neutral. Pleasant fragrance.
  3. Does not need specialist equipment for use (facilitates quick and easy access to polluted areas).
  4. Water-soluble in all proportions, efficient in both fresh and salt water.



Its wide range of applications and uses means it is suitable for a large variety of industriel processes.

- Actions: Detergent -  Solvent -  Unclogger - Degreaser

- Cleaning: Depollution - Decontamination of surfaces, structures, materials and composites soiled  by crude oil, petroleum products, light and heavy hydrocarbons, greasy substances and carbon residues.

- Treatment of atmospheric, organic; biological pollution.

- High pressure applications: Rolling stock, tractors, trains, merchant ships, wagons, tanks, containers, reservoirs, etc…

Other uses:  Decontamination of polluted soil , treatment of polluted water, leachate, sludge, etc… , petrol spills cleans-up, odour control, cleaning of polluted reservoirs, tanks, containers, acceleration of the water treatment process: enhances processes in biological water treatment plants – Doesn’t disturb micro-organisms, acts on smells caused by  organic compounds.

Maritime sector: For cleaning bilges. River navigation: For cleaning barges.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For cleaning workshop floors

Vegetable-based, environmentally friendly

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