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Photovoltaic panel cleaner

7 good reasons for using VOLTA√ŹNET PAE

  1. VOLTA√ŹNET PAE is a cleaning degreaser specifically formulated for glass photovoltaic cell panels.
  2. VOLTA√ŹNET PAE is an eco-friendly formula with a bioethanol base. It has no safety classification either for the user or for the environment.
  3. Does not affect rubber, varnish, paint, glass, anodised or non-anodised aluminium, or any metals.
  4. Non-flammable, can be used to clean surfaces that are still hot.
  5. VOLTA√ŹNET PAE can be used with foam gun systems to dissolve soiling more easily.
  6. Pratical, VOLTA√ŹNET PAE is a ready-to-use product.
  7. Enables optimisation of photovoltaic panel performance.