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Auto-vulcanazing strip for maintenance

7 good reasons for using VULCA 7

  1. VULCA 7 is fast and easy to use, auto-mixes, not need for adhesives, heat or chemical products.
  2. Creates an immediate cold cure after stretching.
  3. Pressure resistance up to 12 bars.
  4. Electrical insulator up to 8,000 Volts.
  5. Excellent resistance to U.Vs., Ozone, ageing and water.
  6. Extreme flexibility which allows the product to be wrapped around various diametres in the same covering operation (a pipe and its joins for example).
  7. Seals, isolates and protects against mould and corrosion.



Insulation and protection of connections and electric cables.

Protection against the corrosion of metallic pipes.

Temporary repair of garden hoses.

Insulation of electric connections.

Increases any water resistance on electrical appliances.

To repair leaks in water heating systems.

To repair pipes in air-conditioning systems.

Allows you repair low pressure leaks without stopping the liquid in the circuit. Easy application on pipes which are difficult to access, such as those which are along walls and\or near the floor. Dirt will not stick to the ribbon whilst wrapping around the pipe.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For isolating connections, For repairing threads or pipes

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