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About us

Since 1979, when it was founded, 7 d’Armor has developed a solid and lasting brand image as specialists in technical maintenance, hygiene and surface treatment products:  surface maintenance and treatment products, lubricants and greases, a green and biodegradable range, detergents, paints, hygiene products, safe solvents...


7 d’Armor has a SALES FORCE of over 180 collaborators in France, the Benelux and Spain serving professionals: institutions, industries, SMEs, artisans, the transport industry, the agricultural industry, services…


Our EXPERTISE allows us to understand the concerns of your business, to providea solution based on our mastery of maintenance and treatment products, and to ensure service by our specialists on the ground.


Our AMBITION is to meet your needs by suggesting innovative, environmentally responsible products with more and more green chemistry and biotechnology-based products.


Our SERVICE is access to specialists close at hand to offer you:

  • Rapid on-site intervention,
  • Advice and demonstrations,  
  • Appropriate solutions,
  • Products and application equipment,
  • On-site assistance for product application,

Our sales office and our technical department are at your service to answer your queries as rapidly as possible.